Toyota Launches Hydrogen Fueled Sedan Mirai

Residents of Japan can buy hydrogen car Toyota Mirai 3-4 years after application. Implementation of car that runs on ordinary water, began at the end of last year.

During the first month of sales since the beginning of the popularity of Mirai surpassed all expectations automaker executives. Manufacturer planned to sell about 400 cars, but in 1500 the factory received orders. Currently, the corporation Toyota has already received three thousand. Applications for the purchase of hydrogen cars. However, customers get their cars will concern only in 3-4 years, since the day the company produces a total of three vehicles. Mirai originally positioned as the car of the future. The main feature of the machine is a hydrogen engine that operates with energy from the interaction of oxygen and hydrogen. Before the launch of Mirai automaker suggested that it would like to acquire companies and businesses. The cost of hydrogen cars is 60 thousand. Dollars. Despite the popularity of hydrogen cars in the world has not yet solved the problem of the presence of hydrogen fueling stations.