Toyota Auto Body Alphard Hercule Debuts

We know that the Japanese manufacturer Toyota's Tokyo Motor Show, presented his new concept minivan - a model Alphard Hercule, which the developers have done a gig. Note that the car has a number of special enhancements.

The most striking feature of the vehicle Alphard Hercule is a soft segment of the sliding roof. It is located between the rear and the central rack. So far there is no information about what the speed at which it can fold and unfold, and how much time will have to spend on these operations. With regard to the size of a minivan Alphard Hercule, they became more. Henceforth, the concept of length 4915 mm, width - 1850 mm, height - 1895 mm. In addition, the novelty has received a two-tone body, the front of which is modified. Alphard Hercule also equipped with 20-inch wheels. For information about the technical parameters are kept secret. Current version of the car Alphard Hercule, which is available in the Japanese market, has engines of 2.5 and 3.5 liters, capable of delivering 182 and 280 "horses", respectively. Also on sale is available and hybrid installation.