Skoda Rolls Out Its 500000th Yeti In The Market

It was learned that the team of Czech car factory Skoda in Kvasiny the assembly line marks the convergence of the 500,000th model instance Yeti, which is available from 2009. It is known that the car was the Anniversary special version Yeti Monte Carlo, which has been shown on one of the motor show in 2014.

Today, this model has the Skoda Yeti popularity among motorists all over the world. 2 years ago Skoda Yeti has come full restyling process that has allowed manufacturing companies in 2014 to release two new configuration of the car. One model is designed mainly for city driving, while the second modification is made with a focus on the ride over rough terrain.

Both these cars are equipped as a front-wheel and all-wheel drive transmission. Management of the company «Skoda» believes that the updated model will be the Yeti is also popular as its predecessor.