Rav4 Hybrid First Drive

Japanese automobile concern "Toyota" is finalizing a new hybrid crossover "RAV4 ​​Hybrid" and presents it in the near future. The producers chose to announce in advance the technical characteristics of car and its cost.

According to authoritative information portal, the new model will stand out from its predecessors, and will receive a full drive, even in the basic configuration. Crossover equip the power plant with a capacity of 194 hp when capacity is 2.5 liters and up to a hundred kilometers an hour it will be dispersed in just 8 seconds. AWD transmission while providing excellent maneuverability and control during movement, which is an important aspect for the drivers, often go on nature or compelled from time to time cruising the back roads. Among other advantages "RAV4 ​​Hybrid" You can also note an innovative system to prevent accidents TSS, which until now has not been used by the Japanese manufacturer. The cost of basic kit car, according to official figures, is 29 thousand dollars, and most top version will cost 34,500 USD The exact date of receipt of the crossover on the market, unfortunately, the company has not been announced.