New Toyota Fortuner India Launch In 2017

The Japanese car company "Toyota" has been working on the updated SUV "Fortuner" and led him to the world market. Specifications car really inspire respect, but the price for the products of concern remains traditionally high.

According to the information portal, the Japanese managed to do the impossible, and the updated "Fortuner" found its niche on the honorable enough to close the Asian market SUVs. New inherited part of the engineering decisions on the model of "Hilux", including the chassis, which immediately distinguishes it among other cars. Under the hood of the SUV employs a 2.8-liter diesel engine, and the clutch is carried out by a 6-speed manual transmission. However, in a sale at the moment it is presented as a complete set with the mechanics, with a gun and having the same number of switching speeds.

From the obvious advantages "Fortuner" you can mark it in the clearance of 279 millimeters and the ability to pull your trailer 3 tons of cargo, which is practically equates it to the tractor. Separate climate control, leather upholstery and satellite navigation are also unlikely to leave indifferent potential buyers. With regard to the prices for this masterpiece of engineering, the basic configuration will cost the motorist to 35 thousand dollars. This top-end "Fortuner" will cost $ 45 thousand.