Jaguar Starting Formula E Team

Recently, representatives of the Jaguar Land Rover announced that one of the new models could make his debut in the third season of "Formula-E» (FIA Formula E Championship). According to the leaders of the British carmaker, international championship would be an "ideal test" for the new Jaguar, who can demonstrate their speed and maneuverability in the most appropriate place - on the racetrack.

That way the original Jaguar Land Rover plans to present the world the first batch of brand-name electric cars, which are already prepared for release and, according to rumors, will be able to in the third season of "Formula E" to compete with even the champions. We remind you that only a few days ago, the Internet was put up for sale a unique car - Jaguar XJ220 in 1993 with the release of the wheel located on the right side. At the time, this was a real sports car legend, second only to the famous McLaren F1, and now is able to win many machines. The owner requested a unique model for her 429,000 dollars.