Introducing The Vintage 1977 Porsche 930 Turbo

German engineering company "Porsche" introduced the legendary sports car 1977 year, thoroughly almost forgotten today. 930-I model in its time was the fastest production motor vehicle manufactured in Germany and are still able to compete with most modern cars despite the fact that the window 2015. Year.

According to the information portal "Motorsports Day", "Porsche 930" modification is the top 911, and in many ways it is superior. Thus, under the hood of his set 3-liter petrol engine with 260 horsepower that can disperse the car to 246 kilometers per hour. This sports car comes to a hundred in 5.5 seconds. To grip the car has a 4-speed manual transmission, which is today badly outdated, but for lovers of the classics this will be the sign distinguishing feature, reminiscent of old times.

From small minus "Porsche 930" may be noted some slowness at low revs, but after overcoming the threshold of 4000 rev / min the vehicle starts to literally "fly". Few people know about this, but there is a modified version of this model, in which the technical team has increased the capacity of the power plant of up to 300 hp, and the capacity - up to 3.3 liters. Whether this option is represented by a sports car - today is not known.