Buick Releases Teaser Photo Of The Redesigned 2017 Lacrosse

One of the largest car manufacturers in the US, the company "Buick", continues to work on a new sedan "LaCrosse 2017". A few days ago it was presented to the official teaser of new items on which, with a certain degree of error, it is possible to judge the appearance of future cars.

According to the information portal on the teaser manufacturer was marked only the silhouette of the new sedan, but even it experienced motorists were able to determine that "LaCrosse" 2017 will have reduced weight and improved aerodynamics compared with its predecessors. In addition, even a little versed in matters automotive observer certainly pay attention to the fact that the car was much more smooth body shape and sloping roof, whereby the appearance of the model significantly changed for the better. If you put aside the visual part and recall the promises made by the company "Buick" earlier, it may be noted also that the new product will be created on the platform of E2XX manufacturer GM. In addition, the sedan is packed with the latest generation electronics, against which the LED lighting system and automatic climate control seem echoes of yesterday.