Bmw X2 Gets Spied Again

German automobile concern "BMW" finished work on a crossover X2 and proceeded to test it. During this process failed to observe the ever-present paparazzi who photographed tests on camera and posted pictures on the Internet.

According to the information portal "Daily-Motor", motorists are now awaiting receipt of BMW X2 on sale, finally managed to become familiar with its appearance. Although the car was covered with camouflage tape, its dimensions and proportions can be judged from photographs correctly. Technical characteristics of the model to date is also known. Thus, the crossover will get a 2-liter turbocharged engine with 228 horsepower, with torque of 285 Nm.

Cars will be based on the platform of UKL by the proven BMW X1, and, unlike its predecessor, will be equipped with front-wheel drive. Statements about exactly when the model goes on sale from the official representatives of the company has not yet acted. It is only known that the presentation of X2 will be held next year as part of the next Motor Show.