Bmw M2 Production Begins In Leipzig

German car manufacturer BMW reported on the start of work on the assembly of a new sports coupe BMW M2. It clarifies that the cars will be created at the industrial facilities that are located in Leipzig.

In the same city began creating predecessor novelties - M Coupe. It is known that the new coupe will receive a gasoline power unit volume of 3 liters, which can provide about 370 hp. Included with him to work a 6-step "mechanics", for the transmission of torque to the rear-wheel drive. Also, you can install the optional 7-speed gearbox. During testing the prototype M2 showed a good result. And its acceleration to 100 km / h kept within 4.4 seconds. Upper limiting the speed of cars is capped at 250 km / h. This is done for security reasons because at high speeds can be relatively safe to travel exclusively experienced riders. BMW M2 equip alloy wheels radius of 19 inches, and the enlarged air intakes.