Bmw I5 Electric Suv

Sports coupe BMW i5 will soon be electric SUV. For this purpose, I wondered Ian Robertson, who sits on the board of directors of prestigious companies.

According to Robertson, working in the West German concern, the idea to create a crossover with an electric motor, based on a sports coupe produced models i5, visited him after a visit to one of the last international motor shows. Mr. Robertson, a member of the board of directors, said that the new range of «i» soon as he suggests, should be replenished with completely different cars that currently it is difficult to imagine. They will have an environmental engines, a completely different design, weight, volume interior and a digital on-board electronics.

Building a completely new, environmentally friendly electric vehicles and vehicles with the company given enough serious attention. It therefore decided to transform sports coupe BMW i5 in electric SUV. Ian Robertson promised that when sports coupe BMW i5 will be electric SUV, its maximum power reserve, thanks to a fairly powerful engine, will be at the level of 320-350 kilometers.