Bentley Bentayga Costs $630000 In China

It announced the starting price for the British company's first SUV Bentley in China. Authoritative auto reports that the market for China Bentley Bentayga can be purchased for 630 thousand. Dollars.

Price, of course, impressive, despite the fact that the market of the UK Bentayga estimated at 245 thousand. Dollars, and the US cult SUV received a more reasonable price to 229 thousand. Dollars. Despite the exorbitant cost, the Chinese dealers to date has received more than 1,000 pre-orders for Bentley Bentayga. It is expected that China's first crossover will arrive in the middle of spring 2016, it will be a special version of the First Edition, whose price reached 760 thousand. Dollars.

The cost of the fully stocked Bentley Bentayga can only guess, because only "branded watches" to motorists will cost 150 thousand. Dollars more.