A New Bmw 5 Series Gt Is Coming

It is known that Photospies managed to capture in testing a new modification of the expected number of hatchback BMW 5GT. The car is completely covered with camouflage, but to date only such images can be found in the network.

According to preliminary data, BMW 5GT officially unveiled next goal. Presentation of the new items will be held on one of the largest auto show, so you should follow the news, which appear on the official website of the Bavarian manufacturer. If we talk about the exterior of the vehicle, the changes have affected the grille. In addition, the car's headlights made narrower. Note that the developers did not abuse the innovations and the new version came with caution. The car is designed on a completely different platform than was its predecessor. It is also known that BMW 5GT lost weight of about 100 kg. As for the cost of new products, it has not been disclosed.