2017 Opel Insignia Begins Testing

European Photospies again "caught" on the streets of a new car, which is being tested. This time, the lenses of the paparazzi got premium sedan Opel Insignia 2017 model year. Despite the fact that the car was completely wrapped in camouflage, the experts considered the features of the updated body.

Of course, the revolutionary changes in the appearance of the sedan is not expected. Opel Insignia - a premium model, which does not alter the classical body. However, some changes are still there. The eye catches a broad grille and narrow headlights and a stylish sloping roof. In general, the shape of the car became much more modern than ever.

In addition, the new Opel Insignia is built with the use of new lightweight materials that helped to effectively reduce the car's weight by nearly 200 kg. Experts also point to the increased length of the car - a sedan became greater by almost 10 cm. Note that some design elements borrowed from the Opel Insignia concept Opel Monza.