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Cars were not invented in one day. Instead, it was an evolution which took place at a global scale, involving different inventors in different places. In fact, history has it that over 100,000 patents were responsible for the creation of modern automobile we drive today.

Nevertheless, we can still point out to a few inventors who started the race. The very first theoretical plans were drawn by people like Isaac Newton (the scientist who studied gravity) and Leonardo da Vinci.

The very first automobile that appeared on the road was a self-propelled tractor created by a French engineer called Nicolas Joseph Cugnot. This ridiculous tractor emerged in the year 1769. This tractor was used by the French Army to haul artillery at speeds of 2 miles per hour, riding on 3 wheels only. However, this tractor was very primitive because it had to stop every 10 to 15 minutes to gather enough steam for powering the engine.

Interesting fact
In 1771, the French engineer drove one of his automobiles and veered into a stone wall. This is the very first motor vehicle accident recorded in history.

First-forward to modern cars
No doubt a lot has changed with cars given that technology is improving by the day. Cars have evolved in shape, performance and features. It all started with steam engines, which proved to be inefficient at some point. They burned a lot of wood/coal to power the vehicle in question. However, when inventors realized that diesel engines could perform better, they switched from the primitive engines, and at that point, only trains used steam engines for some time.

How cars have made life better
In the old days of car manufacturing with primitive technology, it was all about getting from point A to B. How you traveled didn't matter - as long as you used some sort of an automobile.

Today, people travel in style. Accessories like a stereo audio system, LCD monitor, air-con and adjustable seats are treated as standard features. Nearly all cars come with these features today.

However, the landscape of car design is getting complex by the day. Big manufacturers like Mercedes, BMW, Audi (German model cars), Toyota (Japanese), Ford (U.S), and many others are now engaging in aggressive competition to come up with cars that appeal to the high-end market.

Design has changed, depending on the function for which the car is built for. All car manufacturers now have family cars, sports sedans, hatchbacks, saloons, luxury vehicles, muscles cars and many more.

These cars are aimed to serve different consumers with unique needs. Depending on the price point of a particular car, one can acquire a vehicle that is able to meet more than just their transport needs.

It terms of comfort, drive modes can be switched seamlessly depending on the terrain. Interior cabin sizes have also expanded in the process. What's more, leather seats have been equipped with mechanism that automatically heat them up during cold weather.

Transmissions are also getting better by the day. Automobile manufacturers now compete in engine horsepower, fuel consumption, durability and other specs. All these items add up to the attractiveness of the modern car.

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